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Venture Capital International Consulting's primary focus is to provide our clients with critical and timely investment guidance to allow for the maximization of venture capital opportunities in both the international and domestic financial markets. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their strategic investment goals by providing objective, expert analysis of the proposed capital investment from a broad range of perspectives and combining those ideas into a clear, concise and immediately actionable investment guidance tool.

VCIC is an international financial consultancy firm staffed with a far reaching pool of expert advisors, positioned and equipped to provide expert strategic guidance in the global markets. The experience and diversity of VCIC's expert consultants allows us to maintain a rich understanding of the markets which impact our client's investment portfolios. We have helped countless companies and individual investors navigate complex and rapidly developing financial markets, allowing them to maximize profit making opportunities while avoiding unnecessary risk and losses.

VCIC has the unique ability to support entrepreneurial activity and aggressive investment strategies in multiple contexts. While the majority of our venture capital clients focus on companies in the early stages of development, a significant portion of our resources are focused on helping later stage companies accelerate their growth and market exposure, with a particular focus on the Middle East and Far East. VCIC is uniquely qualified to provide expert guidance on venture capital opportunities at all points of development and to deliver performance at every stage. VCIC prides itself on helping these companies not only achieve growth and increase exposure but to also manage the growth at a carefully calculated and controllable rate. Many companies in early development grow too rapidly, exceeding their capabilities and causing long term damage to their quality of product, level of service, profitability and public image. VCIC provides valuable guidance in this area allowing companies to closely monitor their competitors, maintain their competitive edge, and grow at a rate commensurate with their constantly changing capabilities.

With VCIC as partner, companies have chosen a top-tier team that is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced in the global marketplace. At VCIC, we leverage that considerable knowledge and experience to ensure our clients' success in achieving their financial goals.

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